Grade 6-12 Educator Slides

Resources for Middle/High School Educators

The first group of students (2018) in Space Biology: Human Health and Disease from Space to Earth prepared a slide-set examining the history of space biology and the different areas of research within this interdisciplinary field. The goal of this exercise was to allow students to communicate complex scientific ideas to a broader audience and to increase excitement for space sciences by engaging a younger generation.

Please feel free to download and edit these slides for use with your students as you see fit.

The notes section below each slide provides helpful background information for the educator, references or citations, and links to other resources that can be shared with students such as videos and interactive websites.

Access the space biology educator slides here.

The second group of students (2020) prepared infographic flyers about different research areas within space biology. These 11'' x 14'' infographic flyers are designed for educators to print and display in their grade 6-12 classrooms.

Access the infographic flyers here.

Cell Biology.pdf